Monday, August 6, 2012

made my whole day

you know, there are things that can suddenly make your whole day. one of such things happened to me yesterday when i was grocery shopping. suddenly i heard someone call my name, who turned out to be a nice good looking girl with an amazing smile. she told me that she recognized me from my blog picture and that she was a follower of my blog. she told me so many nice things about me, my blog, wished me an my little prince so many amazing things that after saying good-bye i literally couldn't stop smiling.

on my way to the parking lot, i saw her once again and she gave me a set of candles with the words that it was a small present to lighten up my day. those candles had the pattern that i have on my desktop, and i am not kidding. the best thing about this fact is that a person, who doesn't even know me in the same time knows me so well.

thank you my new friend for those good emotions!


  1. happy happy happy to read you enjoyed that day!

    For me personally it indeed was a beautiful and pleasant experience :)

    and nice to meet you!

  2. What a nice surprise. This post makes me smile too :)