Friday, August 24, 2012

future artist?

my dear followers, i want to share a very interesting fact about my child with you. ilia is a true art critic. or no, not critic, more a true art-lover. and it is not just words, i am really shocked by this fact. having observed my child for two months i can claim that he will become a great painter or at least a great admirer of art just like his mom.

when ilia cries or his stomach aches the only thing you have to do is bring him closer to a painting hanging on the wall and the only thing he has to do is catch the focus of it. suddenly the crying stops, his eyes become wide, mouth opens and the staring begins. it is the funniest thing to observe, believe me. and i have tried various paintings - they all work.

i think that such things as love for music, beautiful things, beautiful people, paintings, colours starts from the birth. you just need to help make this love grow bigger and bigger, which i promise i will do.

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