Monday, March 18, 2013

the shuffle

when we were little and went to school, we had a game which my classmate veronica has invented. i don't know if she still remembers it, but for some reason i kept playing this game and still have a lot of fun with it. the main idea is the following - you put your player (now ipod) on the shuffle mode, start asking questions and ipod gives all the answers you wanna know.

what will happen to me next month? where will i be in summer? what X thinks about me? and any other question your imagination will come up with.

you won't believe how this game actually works. i would have imagined that all my songs on the playlist are about love and nothing except it would come out. but it turned out that my 4,000+ library has answers to all the questions - some pretty encouraging and some very disappointing.

so next time you're in the car and have nothing to do, try this game - i promise it'll be fun.

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