Friday, November 8, 2013

not sentimental georgians

those of you who know me, also know that i am a pseudo-georgian. i was born in tbilisi, but raised in moscow. so when i returned back to tbilisi, after 20 years of living in russia, i faced some differences between russians and georgians: there were huge differences even between georgians living in moscow and georgians living in tbilisi. in 2009 i dived into tbilisi life style. i won't lie, i like it here. i have never regretted my moving here. there are things that i miss - my friends in the first place, streets of moscow, its theatres and concerts, restaurants and all the great memories i have connected to this city.

but generally, i like it here in tbilisi - i like that you manage to do 20 things a day and there are no traffic jams, i like the kindness of people, warm climate and the views.

but there are some things that i have noticed in georgian people, which i want to share with you. In this post i will write about one specific character feature of georgians, that i have been observing since i came back. here in georgia, people are not sentimental. i have been to many weddings, cultural events, places - and noticed one common thing - georgians don't like to show when they are touched. nor do they ever express their feelings in public - it's a shame to show your true emotions. georgians prefer to address everything with humour. instead of running a tear after a very sentimental speech, they prefer to laugh away, instead of enjoying in-love condition of a newlywed friend - million of jokes is made of him/her. to me that is really unusual. on the other hand in some difficult situations, humour is probably the only thing that makes people's lives easier.

... some more of my cultural observations to follow in my future posts.

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