Saturday, November 2, 2013

b is for breathing the music

if asked what is one of my biggest impossible dreams, it is the talent of singing. unfortunately, i can't sing and it won't change no matter how i try. one of my dearest friends, who had the same dream with the same scale of possibility, came up with his own solution - he married a very talented young singer from georgia, and is happily compensating his inability to sing with her super voice, super concerts and super performances.

i have a solution, for which i am thankful to god - i listen to music and i can hear it not only with my ears, but with my whole body. i have been to many concerts, listened to many artists, and today's concert at tbilisi jazz festival - of natalie cole inspired me to write this post while the emotions from it are still in my blood.

every song she sang i knew by heart, and i wanted to sing together with her because all the music she performs is the music of my soul. those are the songs i listen to regardless the mood, time of the day and place. everlasting melodies which are with me always. amazing thing is that i think her voice hasn't changed much, notwithstanding the fact that she is 63. she sounds like she used to sound on cd's some twenty/thirty years ago. as you know, every person has his favourite voice, for me personally, natalie's voice is the best woman's vocal of all times. i was sitting at the concert and the music she was performing from the stage was coming to me and into my lungs, i was breathing the music and that was an amazing feeling, which i don't get on every concert.

so yes, l is for the way you look at me and b is for breathing the music.

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