Thursday, January 9, 2014

bread spirit of georgia

all of the cities i have been to have their own traditions and habits. they all have various associations for me. london has chocolate crepes sold in the streets, paris has chestnuts on the fire, vienna has semels.. and tbilisi has tonis puri.

before new year i happened to drive a lot around the city in the passenger seat. so i had a lot of time to look around and watch people and streets. one in two men were walking down the street, crossing the roads or standing with georgian bread in their hands. sorry, breadS. on the new years in tbilisi there are huge lines to buy fresh bread for the home dinner. all around the year you can see people walking and taking bites from the bread. i remember my sufferings as a child when we had to wait till dinner and were not allowed to eat bread on our way home with dirty hands. and i also remember that nowhere except georgia did i have fresh bread for every meal.

and you know what? i love this bread spirit around the city.

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