Wednesday, January 29, 2014


i have always loved grammys. i used to stay late and watch all the nominations, all the performances and adored all of them. few years i have been skipping it, and all the awards, because i got bored. i didn't like the songs, the lives and the winners. this year was a total surprise. though i just watched the videos on youtube, i loved all of them. all the performances were great and the thing i loved was that they all were so different from the album versions, they were performed together with some of the greatest artists and were unique. i love when songs are created, remixed and re-sung specially for one occasion and when they sound different with new fresh beats.

i don't know if i managed to deliver my emotions with this post but i'll share some of the best performances here. you might and probably have seen them already, but that's what i usually do. i collect songs in my blog, so that i don't need to search for the right music for my day, i simply get back to my posts and listen. maybe that will work for you too.

have a great day my dear readers.

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