Saturday, January 4, 2014


there is an old soviet movie called '3+2'. it is a story about 5 young people starring one of the best russian actors. the story takes place in summer and is full of sweet summer moments. the funny thing is that i have never watched it in summer. this is the movie which i used to watch on 31st of december instead of 'ironia sudbi' and all other traditional new year shows.

31st has always been my favourite day. we had no school, we would wake up with a pin in the heart that something great would happen soon. mom used to cook new year's dinner all day and me and ani used to sit on the carpet near our two-stored bed and watch 3+2 in a small kitchen tv, which was delegated to our room, because there was no space for it in the kitchen: the food occupied it all.

this summer movie has such a great new year atmosphere for me, that if suddenly it appears on tv any other time of the year, i immediately have this dejavu - with ani, in our room and filled with the smells of the new year.

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