Thursday, September 25, 2014

my bebo. part 2.

one thing i know for sure - is that all the time your grandparents are alive, you are still a child. once they go away, they somehow take your childhood with them. today i am remembering my grandmother, who was the last one of my grandparents to leave me and whom i miss very very much.

apart from the feeling of childhood, there is this huge love you miss. i think that grandmothers can love in an absolutely different way. when parents apart from their love have lots of remarks, bans and rules, there is hardly any 'no' from grandparents. because all they can give you is their huge love, lots of kisses and million hugs.

i realized that i have dedicated a post to my bebo in this blog already, and a small search in posts confirmed it and said it was in 2011. but i decided not to take this new post down. because it comes from my heart and i want my bebo to know how much all of us miss her. though she may not be reading my blog or understanding english, but all those thoughts about her for sure are reaching the heaven, where she absolutely for sure is now.

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