Wednesday, September 24, 2014

birthday girl

it's been a while since i have talked to you about my dear friends. the reason i'm writing this post is that today is the birthday of my soulpart whom i can't congratulate in person, because she is sitting on a conference in svaneti, but whos birthday is a big big day for me for many reasons.

in every persons life there are someones who occupy important parts in his heart, in his brain, in his mind. salome, apart from all that occupies a very important part in my soul. when i talk to her, i always know she will get everything right, understand and feel absolutely the same. i can talk with her for hours on the smallest matters on earth. she may not be the stormiest and loudest person on earth, but she is a calm sea, that gives you strength and huge inspiration.

she is extraordinary, nothing she does or likes is conventional. and she is super talented - she can turn anything into a beautiful and tasteful piece of art. her inner world itself is a piece of art, enormously huge and colourful.

and what is the best, she is the most comfortable person on earth, with whom you constantly feel at home.

happy birthday my soulpart, wish you all the best in your life and may all those kind and wonderful things you do turn and get back to you in twice as much amounts.

this small music video is to create the mood for salome's birthday today, and me wishing to have a few days with her walking around paris just like pink martini does.

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