Tuesday, September 16, 2014

one wave

one wave is the most important thing on this earth. in friendship, in partnership, in marriage - in all the successful relationships. how often do you see a couple and think why on earth can they make one team? they can and they do, if they are on the same wave. probably this is the best theory of all the relationship theories - the one wave theory.

this wave is not universal, and it differs from couple to couple, but one thing is true for all of them - when two people agree on the main things which define their relationship - they are fine. for some people these main things are their understanding of truth, honesty, attention, for others million physical things, attitude towards friends, understanding of fun. as complex or as simple as that.

one wave defines the success of friendship just the same. and it brings such comfort. take time and send an 'i love you' to those people of whom you thought when reading this post. let them know they are on your wave.


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