Thursday, November 27, 2014

წარსულმა სულ თან წაიღო

the more i grow up the more i fall in love with georgian music. my childhood was not full of it and the better it is now to fill my life with georgian tunes day by day.

i get huge pleasure listening to georgian polyphony and the list of my favourite georgian songs is rising and rising. i have never been able to sing. they say 3 out of 4 georgians can sing. i attribute myself to that one, multiplied by 100. but this cannot keep me from enjoying and singing these songs to myself.

sharing with you one of my favourite songs written by Jansug Kakhidze - genius, whose songs bring me the most goosebumps. here performed not by him, but in style which i love most. have a good warm day despite the weather outside the window.

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