Wednesday, November 5, 2014

georgian spirit

i like being georgian. it gives me so much pride and happiness to be born here and to live here. when you are georgian you are a part of something big, which has no boarders and limits. having lived in different countries and having returned back to georgia, it makes me look at many things here with the eyes of a tourist. but this feeling of tourist is bonused with the feeling of belonging. when you feel you are a part of something that you still are fanatic about from aside.

i like the feeling of meeting georgians in other countries. you meet an absolutely unknown person who automatically is very close to you only because he is the same nation as you. when i am abroad and hear georgian language, i can never help myself from going and saying something to those talking. and as a result i always hear lots of greetings, happiness and emotions from the other side. how many times have i had dinner with people who i just met in the morning just on the basis of georgianness. how many people have helped me, directed me and encouraged me when i was abroad only because i am from tbilisi.

and that is why i am a georgian fan. one of many many reasons, which i feel every day.
good morning my dear readers!

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