Wednesday, November 5, 2014

what new music does to you

these days i think not many people are left who still order or buy cd's, instead of downloading them from itunes or elsewhere. i can say i am one of those people, who still loves to collect those cd's, put nice boxes on the shelves and listen to music from beautiful printed discs.

i hate traffic jams, i used to stand in them a lot when i lived in moscow. of course the time spent in traffic jams in moscow and tbilisi is different, but i can say tbilisi makes you quite nervous in that sense as well. not that much because of the amount of cars (which is incomparable to moscow) but because of the georgian manner of driving, which is something that i can't bare. but these traffic jams become so much nicer, when i have a new cd to listen to. i even wish that a traffic jam was everywhere on the way to my home, when a cd has such wonderful music, as in the one i'm sharing with you now.

the soundtrack of 'woman on top' is just what i like - bossa nova in its best performance. there is one more thing i am realizing these days, i have listened to so many brazilian songs, that i can fluently understand portuguese, the only thing left is my visit to rio.

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