Friday, December 26, 2014

my favourite choice

not all of our best friends follow us from childhood. when we are little, our friends are the ones with whom we go to kindergarden, later school and university, those are the children of our parents' friends, the classmates of our siblings, our neighbours and dance class partners. those are the people we don't choose, life gives them to us according to the circumstances. many of them are then lost, but the few who stay, stay forever. when we grow up, we choose our friends ourselves. of course life and destiny have those people laid in store for us in a way, but the choice is more dependent on us, than it was at the time we wore ballerina skirts at age 7.

today is the birthday of my favourite choice - mancho. she is someone who is always there. someone who understands me a bit more than i understand myself. and someone who always believes in me, even when i don't. mancho is a true sunshine, her laughter is absolutely contagious, her heart is open for everyone and she fits there so many people who are lucky to get the rays of her sun. and she is real, she never lets you down and is your partner in every crime.

manch, thank you for all you support and love. you know that i am always there for you to share your every smile and every emotion. and i am the luckiest person in the world to be your personal choice too.

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