Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the happy wait

we all wait for something. in this post i won't be talking about why the waiting is bad, why we should never wait and do things right away. in this  post i want to talk about the good waiting, the good feelings waiting gives us.

probably this is the time of the year when everyone is in waiting mode globally. with december getting colder and colder everyday, our hopes and dreams for the coming year are getting bigger and bigger. i love that super feeling between now and the actual moment when you know something you have been thinking and getting ready for is coming. the moment of happy shaking heart. when you count the days and it is closer and closer. may it be the arrival of your friends whom you have been missing a lot, your birthday for those who love it, the opening of presents under the christmas tree, or more precisely, the opening of your presents by someone for whom you have been packing them in the first place; the flight date to a long awaited destination, the airing of your project, the ding of your favourite dish on the oven, first snow in georgia, a present on your workplace from secret santa, a perfectly fitting dress from the atelier, the city lighting up with the decorations, the first notes of the song on a concert of your favourite band - i'm talking about all those things that you know for sure are going to happen and you keep striking out the days on the calendar to get closer to them every day.

the best part about this waiting is knowing that some of the best things of our lives haven't happened yet. and we exactly know they are worth waiting for.

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