Friday, September 7, 2012

100 000 seconds

i have always been writing about movies that i like but this time i want to warn you about a movie which premiered in tbilisi yesterday and which is an absolute waste of time.

the director wanted to shoot something like 'a man and a woman', 'last night' and all movies which are based on the dialogs of two people in love. those movies usually show the ups and downs of relationships, love and hatred mixed together, frustration, hope, passion. what this movie has got is all those feelings absolutely inconsistent with each other, which usually should be based on love. but here you never realize why those two people are actually in love.

that is not to say anything about the screenplay. the screenwriter used the cheapest tricks - when he had no imagination left for the dialogs, he would introduce a phone call, thus changing the subject. the dialogs themselves were unnatural, or maybe actors pronounced them that way, i have no explanation of the fact why the whole movie was so fake. and the ending.. which was supposed to bring tears to the eyes of viewers, according to director, made me laugh - the culmination of fakeness it was.

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