Tuesday, September 11, 2012


okay, here is a post about a supergirl.
do you have such a friend who is a walking encyclopedia? who is an expert in EVERY subject, on every topic? i have! and her name is supernutsa. when i have any type of question - how to fix an armchair, how to wash white linen, where to buy this or that, how to raise a child, how to make dishes from restaurants by guessing the recipe, without asking... she always has an answer on 'why? where? what? how? which?' and all other questions starting with W.

and she is my first friend. i have known here since the age of 1, when she was born and i have been friends with her since the age of 1, when she was born. and she has always been there for me since then and i have loved her with all my heart since then. our friendship was tested by time and there has never been anything which we didn't pass with an 'a'. i'm sending her lots of love, kisses and all my heart with this post.

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