Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the biggest love

you know how people say that you haven't really felt true love until you have your own child? i always thought that something special was awaiting for me in the future the moment i learned i was pregnant. but those words said to me, emotions shared are not even one per cent close to the feeling i have in my heart for my son now.

there is a feeling of 'never enough'. it's never enough for me to look at iluka. every minute, every second, i don't want to look away, i don't want to miss anything about him. his smile, his cupid's bow lips, his laugh, his sleep, his hug, his pinch that sometimes hurts soo bad and most importantly, his warmth. i honestly think i have a personal heart-warmer with me.

then is the feeling of love, the type of love, which i have never ever felt and the kind of love that is absolutely different from any other feeling. the feeling that he is a part of you, your soul, your life.

the feeling of care, crazy care, the feeling of wanting to protect him from everything, make him happy, do all those things which you would never ever do for anybody else.

and the feeling of security and unconditional love. i am sure that only child loves you unconditionally, just because it's you. and this is the feeling worth living for.

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