Wednesday, January 30, 2013

we're the prettiest when we're happy

my main inspiration for this post is eric benet, whom i just adore.

i will start my day and your day with some positive thoughts:

spend life with those who make you happy, not with those who you have to impress. if something makes you happy, do it. if it doesn't then don't. stay true to your heart. find happiness in the simplest things. and dream. even if people tell you that you dream too much, don't stop. i am a dreamer myself and the happiness i find in my dreams is precious.

i love dreaming. and i love following my dreams. i try not to let stupid little things break my happiness. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. i love hearing old songs i used to love. they are like memories i can always go back to. and i love those memories because they make me smile no matter what.

you only live once so do more of what makes you happy, because as audrey said:
we're the prettiest when we're happy

be with those who never stop trying to show you how much you mean to them even after they got you.
and try to make no one know your business. because relationship always lasts longer when nobody except two of you is involved. and know that the best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.

and remember, that nobody is perfect. until you fall in love with him.

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