Wednesday, January 16, 2013

orthodox christmas

we celebrate orthodox christmas on 7th of january.

the fasting begins end november, so all the new years and holiday season i personally await 7th of january to eat all the tasty food. in the evening the preparation starts - we cook special christmas pie, with cheese and eggs. in one part of the pie we hide a small surprise and the one who gets it in his piece has to make a wish, which will definitely come true this year. i have a great experience of those wishes coming true from year to year.

and there is also a fantastic georgian tradition of lighting candles in front of the windows at night and opening doors a little bit - so that angels enter your home on the holy night. tbilisi is so beautiful - all the windows have candles in them and the spirit of christmas is all around the city.

since i started talking about wishes coming true, i think that the small surprise hidden in a pie is not enough for their fulfillment of course. the most important thing is the belief. when you believe that something great is going to happen to you it sure does. i have a great example of that happening in the life of my close friend now, which once again proves that:

You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen

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