Saturday, January 5, 2013

summer dreams

this is what i see right now, while i am writing this post. and this is what actually inspired me to write right now. when i look at those lights on my shelves i imagine myself very far away from my flat, my city and even my continent.

but every post needs a soundtrack, listening to which makes the letters flow and form into words and sentences. my soundtrack for today is celso fonseca and his 'slow motion bossa nova'. just as i pressed play, those lights on my shelves turned into lights on the beach somewhere near the ocean and white sands. those of you, who live in the place like that are the luckiest people in the world. rest of us are left only with the option of dreaming about your paradise, or fulfilling the dream once, maybe twice per year.

so now i am on the beach with my friends, sweet cocktails, colourful lights above us, nice music on the background and lots of dancing. the type of dancing when you are not squeezed among dozens of people in a stuffy club, the type of dancing when you can dance and smell the sea. and the type of evening which is full of people you love, new people you meet and beautiful music in the air.

this is not the post i am supposed to be writing as my first post in january 2013. but maybe this snow and holiday season is already enough? maybe i don't want to listen to jingle bells anymore. and maybe it's time to switch my ringtone from 'it's the most wonderful time of the year' to a nice samba song?

leaving you with celso fonseca and your own dreams and memories of your perfect summer night.

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