Wednesday, February 13, 2013

my music library

it is funny to remember how my music library has been forming over these years. i have a big amount of megabytes, if not gigabytes of different tunes. as my music library was forming, so did my music taste, which after all those years of collecting finally looks the way it is now.

each song and album is a memory of a place or person from where i have got it. and it is funny how my music library is now a compilation of memories and emotions, which is much more than just a compilation of songs by different artists. some of those memories about my music came to me this morning, when i was listening to my ipod in the car. first came quarteto jobim-morelenbaum. being always a bossa nova fan, i got familiar with them in beginning 2000's, when during my student years i was working as an interpreter on a forum held by moscow chamber of commerce an UN. there i got acquainted with a UNECA representative, for whom i was interpreting the conference. i got the cd of quarteto jobim-morelenbaum from him and they became one of my favorites because of their way of resinging old great songs and bringing the right bossa nova feel. my friend ksusha played one of the greatest roles in my love for soul and r'n'b. being an r'n'b singer herself when we were younger, she had amazing taste and collection of great soul and r'n'b singers, some pretty rare and unknown. roma, my coursemate, was my biggest supplier of jazz. the right jazz. classic jazz with proper tagging. i got the biggest collection of jazz by greatest artists all beautifully split into albums with artworks, genres and all that synced in i have never changed the naming or numeration. those albums and songs are kept the way i got them in the first place.

ketuna, my rap and hip hop muse, broadened the collection with some good warren g, snoop and big. when some of those songs start in my ipod i can perfectly remember us dancing to them in r'n'b cafe in moscow back in 2005. oh those were great times. and ketuna's sister, nino, is now continuing to add life to my music library with lots of live performances, remixes and limited versions.

some music came from places where it felt great. before shazam, i used to go to the waiters/hotel managers/dj's and ask for songs that i loved and that would remind me of those wonderful mornings/days/evenings. was it a restaurant in bali, a hotel bar in paris, a taxi backseat, an airplane flight - i wanted to come back in my memories to those places and people around me. later, shazam has made it all so much easier for me, being one of the biggest music suppliers of all time to me.

there have been many people and places sharing songs with me. some of them gave me whole albums, some - one single song, but this is exactly why i have such an amazing music library. the collection of great songs shared with me by my friends, found in my favourite places; then shortlisted according to my taste and turned into a perfectly great compilation of music which makes me happy. when i listen to it. everyday.

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