Thursday, February 28, 2013

follow me

i loved the idea of those 'follow me' pictures which have been appearing all over the internet these days. there is this guy, murad osmann, who is taking pictures of himself holding hands and following his girlfriend to different places all over the world. pictures are taken by iphone and uploaded then to his instagram account.

i seriously wonder how we all lived without instagram? i think that this is the only social app or website (call it as you wish) i cannot imagine my life without. and this idea of showing different places with one main hero in them is one of my favourite photo ideas. it reminds me of amelie, who was sending pictures of yard dwarf from different countries to her dad who didn't believe in miracles.

and reminds me of my friend olya who takes her toodee toy with her everywhere and we all receive photos of him in different locations with warm greetings and funny comments. toodee even has his own facebook page. you can find him under the name - Toodee Velimirovich-Yakovlef. 

i am a big fan of creative photography and ideas. i'm thinking of coming up with my own way of capturing the places i am travelling to starting with my nearest trip. i will be posting those pictures here for you to enjoy. bon voyage, my dear readers!

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