Thursday, February 21, 2013

дурацкие шапки

i bet you all have heard about evgenia gapchinska. maybe not heard but you all should have seen her paintings somewhere - on the internet, as a birthday card, as a postcard, fridge magnet or live in her gallery in kiyv. i'm the one who saw them everywhere above mentioned. but the last one i preffered most.

her gallery is situated in a narrow beautiful street in kiyv and looks like this:

i loved the gallery. it featured her amazing beautiful paintings all over the walls of one small but sunny room, and it felt like i was at the painter's home looking at the paintings she hung there herself.

you know my passion for the children-themed paintings. so i couldn't resist buying some stuff from the gallery. unfortunately, i couldn't buy the paintings, but several albums with her pictures were just right. one of the albums was entitled 'Дурацкие шапки' ('Stupid hats') and featured the paintings of little children with funny hats and a story for each hat. the stories are pretty sweet and funny and what i like most about them is the fact that they are written and painted by an adult, who notices everything about children and hasn't lost her childhood. i love adults who can stay children in their hearts even if they are really old. because only when each of us keeps a child inside alive, we can enjoy things around us with greater enthusiasm, we can get excited and happy because of the simplest of things, we can say what we think and never lie about our emotions. because children are open and honest. and those two things are exactly what all of us lack these days.

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