Monday, February 11, 2013

to open in a few years

here is a small game for you. write down a sentence next to each phrase. save all your answers and open them in a few years. and you will see how your personality will change with time. you'll see whether you accomplished something you dreamed of or overcame your fears or found something that makes you happy. i have written down my answers. sorry for not sharing them with you, but some were too private to publish. i will come back to them in several years too. and then decide whether my life has changed for the better.

i love
i dream of
i think about
i hate
i regret
i am satisfied with 
i miss
i wish
i get irritated by
i feel
i am afraid
i know
i don't know 
i can 
i can't
i'm friends with 
i cry
i laugh
i look for
i'm worth
i lose
i envy
i hide from
i am enemies with 
i am interested in 
i am not interested in
i remember
i am ashamed of
i deny
i am addicted 
i hide 
i keep
i believe
i am wondering
i am happy
i talk
i am concerned 
i am proud 
i do
i hug
i feel good when
i dream about
i help
i am offended 
i spend
i cheat
i debate
i am rude
i listen
i hesitate
i read
i prepare
i watch
i kill
i ruin/spoil
i live
i fight
i shout
i sing
i perform
i go 
i avoid
i play
i lie
i admire
i adore
i collect
i pay
i am jealous
i attract

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