Thursday, September 19, 2013

missing the twenties

i rarely regret things in my life, because there is no big use in doing so. i just usually miss things, which i want to return back in my life. 

among such things are my 20 years old age. i know i haven't left my twenties yet, but i can see a big difference between now and back then. 
now i usually get invitations to lunches and dinners, then it used to be the invitations to cinemas and parks. now we quickly text, whatsapp and imessage each other, then we used to call. the landline. for hours. we used to say everything we thought, now we think 10 times before saying, weighing each word, so not to offend anyone and be as diplomatic as possible. now we have so many things to worry about, so many things to plan, we keep the diaries, we schedule meetings, cancel them, reschedule and shake hands with the partners. then we left home in the morning and did everything without any plan or purpose. now we commit, then we didn't. we walked and walked when we didn't have cars. now we do. and we drive and drive. we used to drink everything, now we know the names of favourite wines, cocktails and how they are made. we eat healthy food.. we grew up.

i won't lie, i miss those days. and i miss myself, the person i used to be then. person, with pink sunglasses and pink hair, in cinemas, parks, with telephone talks, hugs and smiles, no worries, with sincerity, walks and millions of plans for the future.

i know i don't have much to regret, and all the great things are still ahead, but it was so much fun being 20!

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