Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ilia's birthday photobook

what can you get our child as a present for his 1 year birthday?

when ilia was turning 1 on 13th of June, i was thinking about possible birthday gifts for days and days. and you know, i think i came up with the best decision - to give him his first-year review in pictures in one big 90-pages photobook. you should have already noticed what a crazy collector i am, so i have all his moves and pictures collected during the whole year - the only thing left was to put them all in one book, add stickers and comments to each page - and a photobook with all the memories was ready. i have received it today and can't wait to go back home and show it to my son :)

and i have a plan - to keep making such photobooks every year - that's a great thing to have for my son, who will probably love memories just like his mom, genetically ;)


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