Wednesday, September 25, 2013

season soundtracks

every season has its soundtrack. 

winter songs have jingles on the background and deep voices that warm your heart better than any marshmallow chocolate drink and a chimney. spring soundtracks have bossa nova flow for me. they are so flower-blossom-like and light-rain-like and you walk and almost dance down the street with the melody of spring in your ears. summer songs are full of sea and salty wind. they give you positive emotions and the dance mood. those are the happy tunes, that keep you up all night with the fruit cocktail in you hand and a straw in your hair. 

but with autumn it's different. for some reason the autumn soundtracks are so sentimental. they bring the sadness sometimes, and make the memories come often to your mind. so do the days - that get darker, windier and rainier...

until the season of fir-trees, cinnamon cookies and tangerines is back, these are the songs for you to enjoy and feel sentimental. because it's the right season to. 

ps. special thanks to NS for inspiration and some motivational messages today


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