Sunday, September 29, 2013

autumn in georgia. kakheti.

and traditionally i will be sharing with you some beautiful moments and pictures from my autumn voyages around georgia.

in autumn my trips are usually limited to kakheti mostly, main reasons being that first of all, kakheti is my second home - i used to spend all my summers there with my grandmother; and secondly, autumn is the season of wine picking and vintage, which i love the most.

my grandparents used to have a beautiful house in the village, where they spent a lot of time when they didn't work in telavi. the name of the village is Artana. we used to go there often when i was little, though i didn't like staying there for the night, because i was so afraid of the big space in the house and numerous rooms with old books and houseware. but it had the most amazing garden with lots of fruit trees and dozens of flowers. i can still feel the taste of apples from that yard: tastier apples i have never tasted anywhere else. my grandparents are long gone, the house is now empty, nobody waters the plants except the rain and occasional workers, whom we pay to clean the garden... but every time i enter it, the fruits are always there; my old chair is standing in the corner and my childhood comes back.

the season of wine making is on - with dozens of cars filled with grapes, ready to be weighed in my uncle's wine factory, the wine routes filled with those who make wine - be it companies or just people who make their own family wine. and i will be sharing some photos from our own vintage in one of the next posts. 

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