Friday, June 27, 2014

life is long

i like to say that life is short and we should grasp all the possibilities, start doing things now and not wait for time to pass and things to happen themselves. and i believe in this theory and always try to follow it.

but yesterday i heard a good thought which i want to share with you. it was a situation of a man who has suffered a loss and wasn't ready for new acquaintances and new emotions and then a very wise man told him that although we all think that life is very short and we are afraid that we won't have time for important things, we shouldn't be. it is a common mistake of everyone - to always be in a hurry.

it all can be said in one sentence which you see on the picture - some things take time. i tend to agree with that. i agree that a lot of things happen in life. when things don't go the way you want and some difficult stuff happens, i always know that at some moment in life it will go back to normal. the fact is that life is pretty long and if you make a mistake, worry about it and its consequences, the time will go by and you will have a chance to forget it, change things and move on. in this perspective it is good to know that you have plenty of time to do everything right. if something is not coming along right now, it will, once you will be ready and willing. if there are things you want for yourself, they will come to you when you will wait, think and work for it.

i want to share a song with you, which my dear G sent me yesterday and which made my whole day. not even the whole day, but also morning, because it was the first thing i put on in my computer today. i want to share with you its mood, its location, its emotions and love. because if some of you are not in that place right now, i know that time will pass and you definitely will be.

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