Wednesday, June 4, 2014

observation #4 (lost the count): compliments

i had two stories to write about today, and i will start with the first one about compliments.

my colleague entered the room today shining with happy face at 10 am in the morning. and those of you who like to wake up late know how hard is to come to work on wednesdays. the reason behind that smile was a compliment from the lady in the queue of a bank.

and you? think about all those compliments that made you smile and feel so beautiful, wonderful and extraordinary. your husband has noticed how great you look and changed his outfit to fit your style, or maybe a girl in the street has asked you where did you get such cool sunglasses, or a masseur has wondered how great you look despite the fact you have three kids, a taxi driver has asked you if you would like to meet his son/daughter with whom you would make such a beautiful couple, a hairdresser has noticed your great hair quality, or a colleague has complemented you new dress...

in any way, you must agree with me, compliments make us happy. so why not give them to other people as much as we can?

maybe by saying something nice to people, you will touch the thing they are most insecure about and only one or two words will build them up and make them happy..

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