Friday, April 3, 2015

for the memories

what do you keep for memories?

is it old tickets from the concerts? or maybe valentine cards from unknown admirers. or school notebooks with secret messages in them. or dried roses, photos from school parties, bracelets from summer sets, museum passes, theatre play schedules, souvenirs from the trips, indian movie soundtracks, university id's, fake age passes, articles cut from the newspapers...

are you as memory-obsessed as i am?

my box of memories is full of things which help me go back to any period in my life and reminisce its emotions and feelings. it is my box of memories and my time machine at the same time.

this obsession has been occupying one box for long time, now i open it more and more rare and devote my energy to filling new one - my son's box of memories, with all his words, funny expressions and photos, with all my love - hoping that one day he will be happy to know what a great child he was :)

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