Monday, April 4, 2011

5 i v e

I was having guests tonight, and I switched VH1 on to have some nice music on the background. It turned out to be the girl-bands and boy-bands weekend. And here they all were: Spice Girls, Westlife, Police, All saints, Destiny's Child, BoysIIMen, Boyzone, Five. Yes, Five, the band I absolutely LOVED all my school years. Elya was in love with Scott and Rick, Abs and Jay were mine: everything was divided equally :) We were at their concert in Moscow, after which the DVD with the concert we knew byheart. As well as all the songs and lyrics.

This song I'm posting here, was my favourite. The day today was a little bit sad for me, and 'Got the feeling' was absolutely the best way to make it.

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