Tuesday, July 12, 2011


continuing the theme of music in my blog, today i want to share with you my passion for jovanotti's music. one of my friends posted today video of him performing with adriano celentano. i have never seen this version, though i adore the way jovanotti sings with famous artists their old songs. jovanotti's first hit i heard was 'serenata rap'. it was the period i started learning italian, and hearing an italian song and understanding the lyrics was such a great pleasure for me. i learnt the song  by heart and googled jovanotti. as a result, i found 'serenata rap' he performed with luciano pavarotti, which i'm sharing with you. jovanotti has several albums, which i do like, but still most of all i'm fond of the first jovanotti's songs i heard, among which is 'per te' (the third video below) - a very sweet song he wrote when his daughter was born. per te ogni cosa che c'è ....

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