Thursday, October 20, 2011

how wine is made

have you ever seen how wine is made?
i will start my post series on kakhetia and wine-making with the pictures from my uncle's wineries and show you how the best wine in the world ('Kakhuri') is made.

first, the grapes are picked (i did my grape-picking earlier that day, will definately post the pictures afterwards). then it is collected and sorted.  


then my uncle zura pushes the button and selected grapes fall into a machine, where the leaves and stems are removed. 

this process of flying grapes is so beautiful, i wish pictures would reflect it all, but, unfortunately, they are not half as beautiful as the real process.

 then grapes are processed and turned into wine by special machines. after that it is kept in big barrels.

my uncle is unbelievably great-minded. his factory is soo thought-through and beautiful, like no other factory i have ever seen. all over it there are the grape-decorations, constructions made by himself, not speaking about the wine tourism corner that he has made, which i will show you in my next post. it for sure doesn't look like a factory, more like a museum or even a piece of art :)


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  1. you are a lucky person living such an interesting life. lots of people could die to be on your place. with love from Canada