Monday, October 3, 2011

minus you i'm half, plus you i'm whole

when i just started dating bachi, i sent him a song to listen and wondered whether he would like it. it is not something many people like to listen to, but is my absolute favourite. if bachi didn't like it i thought it was impossible to be with this person. his answer was 'very yeeeeeees' and so was mine on 17 july 2010 :)


then like every couple, we got our own song. our song was by 33a, perhaps the best modern georgian band. the lead of it, bachi's good friend, niaz diasamidze, performed this song on our wedding too - and that was perhaps the best gift i got.

and then my collection of songs which make me think about bachi started. in my car, in ipod, on the laptop, in a bar, restaurant, street, beach - i hear the songs which cover me with warm emotions and thoughts about bachi. enjoy my small selection of songs which can be a nice soundtrack to your romantic date too.

i've been searching a long time, for someone exactly like you, i've been travelling all around the world; waiting for you to come through, someone like you, you make it all worthwhile, someone like you, keeps me satisfied, someone exactly like.. you

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