Monday, October 17, 2011

i've got mail

this is my today's mail - amazon sent me three amazing books today. i can't wait to start reading them.

the first one - hector and the secrets of love - i ordered after reading lelord's first book about happiness. this one should be even better; according to all laws, love is always a better topic.

the other one - claude & camille - is a love story of my favourite claude monet and his wife camille. and the last one - the paris wife - i bought after watching woody allen's midnight in paris. this book tells a story of the 'lost generation' - gertrude stein, ezra pound, f. scott and zelda fitzgerald. but mostly it is a story of ernest and hadley hemingways, their love and life together in paris.

you've noticed it right - three books and all of them about love. yes, i'm a romantic.

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