Thursday, October 27, 2011


this is a video which me and bachi filmed on our way from telavi last weekend. i haven't even thought about posting it, but then i received 33a and niaz diasamidze's new album last night. it is called saperavi and has amazing melodies in it.

me and bachi were listening and discussing each song and came to a conclusion that songs by niaz are absolutely best soundtracks to the roadtrips. especially in georgia. we added one of his new songs to the video and that is how it began to look:

and speaking of niaz songs, i think that they are great even abroad, we have filmed many road views in france, where niaz's album in cd-changer was just perfect.

ps. my personal recommendation for all of you is to buy 33a's new album - saperavi - because i will never be able to tell you with words how great it is until you've listened to it yourself. and please please please DO buy it, don't just download it from internet.

by the way, this video is closed on youtube, i just opened it for my blog-readers. i think it will be right to wait for the official video of this song before posting the one i home-made myself.

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