Sunday, October 2, 2011

my bebo

grandma is warmth. grandma is childhood. grandma is happiness.

yesterday was my grandma-bebo's birthday. i want to tell you a little bit about her, since it became a tradition in my blog to talk about people who matter most to me.

bebo was different from cia type of grandma. she was very homely. i don't know if such word exists, but by saying that i mean that she most of all cared about her family. she cared about their being healthy, happy and never hungry.

she would make the tastiest food in the whole world, some of which she invented only for us. her 'antre' was our favourite, a mix of fried dough, cheese and god knows what else, which made this dish absolutely unforgettable. she would make tatara and let us do our weirdly-shaped churchxelas, which never looked like proper ones. and i loved to talk with her. i spent hours sitting by her and telling her all the stories - things i did, boys i liked, friends i had. and she told me old stories about her big family, stories about my mom and uncle's childhood, my own childhood too. i loved those stories. and i love(d) my bebo. and there will never be a D after that word.

i think this has been so far the hardest post for me, because though three years have passed since bebo is not with us anymore, i still can't talk about her without tears in my throat. you know why? because with her my childhood went away too.

i'm sharing with you my old photos from telavi and bebo's house

on this picture i'm on a balcony with a huge can of sand, which my uncle brought me, since i was too little to play alone outside, this was my very own playground :)

that's me and ani's photos in telavi's house

me in the office
 ani, nikusha and me in artana's house

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