Saturday, July 14, 2012

arranging future

bachi's sister told me the other day that according to some old georgian tradition, when you cut the nails of a newborn for the first time, you should save them. then those nails should be put in such places, where you want your child to be or what you want your child to like in future. you can leave them between the pages of books, in a piano, on a tennis court ..

i don't have all the nails, but i managed to keep three of them safe, so the choice now is which three things i want my son to like in future. music he likes already, the love for books is a good thing to arrange now, since reading is not something boys adore, maybe this method will help. but one thing i know for sure - i want my child to study in the same university where i spent the greatest years of my student life.

so today, before finally leaving for georgia, i took a ride to my alma mater - mgimo - in order to leave a fingernail there. they wouldn't let me inside the lecture halls, but i managed to fulfill my mission in the entrance.

let's see how it works, i will check in some 20 years :)

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