Monday, July 2, 2012

genetic love for music

the love for music is a truly genetic thing and my child is a living proof of this fact. during all nine months we have been listening to great music together - jazz, soul, funk, the latter being his favourite genre. when there was a need of checking how active the baby is and a special gadget was counting the kicks of the child, the only thing that worked for my baby was music. moreover, it was impossible for me to attend any kind of concert. i gave up on the dizzy gillespie all star big band concert, which i attended in moscow. the sound of piano, sax, trumpet and all other kinds of musical instruments drove my ilia crazy - he was dancing non-stop for two hours.

and now, being only 2 weeks old, his love for music is only growing. the only thing that stops him from crying except food is music. and he prefers live performances of course. his number one choice is my mom, who has great voice and of course, bachi, who can imitate all kinds of musical instruments. then comes ani, my dad and i am the last on the list. ilia already can distinguish between good and bad sound quality.

i am really curious about his future choice of profession, who knows what a great musician he will become.

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