Monday, July 30, 2012

girls like bad boys

yesterday i witnessed a scene, which i want to share with you. since i myself had a child, all those scenes and stories about children began to interest me more and more.

after the morning mess in the church yard dozens of children were playing, running and crying. a small group of children took my attention. boys were fooling around and began poking each other. suddenly one of the boys poked a little girl. but he didn't know that this girl had a great defender. this little boy with eyeglasses on the photo covered the girl with his body and began defending her from the pokes. when he realized that he had too many competitors, he called his older brother, took his hand and showed his brother's muscles - proving that boys would have great problems if they didn't stop.

and you know the funny thing about this story? the girl didn't want to be defended, in the end she hit the boy with eyeglasses saying to leave her alone. the morale is all the same - in all ages, situations and stories girls really do like bad boys.

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