Monday, July 2, 2012

big thursday

i can't wait for this thursday to come. big premieres are coming to moscow. and two of them i have been waiting to see for quite a long time now.

first one is the second part of 'tres metros sobre il cielo' - tengo ganas de ti. this is the movie i have written about before in my blog. a mix of youth, love, emotions and beautiful spaniards has a continuation now, which i hope will be as great as its first part.

the second one is 'to rome with love' by woody allen. i haven't read any reviews about it, want to review this film myself after seeing it, so the only hope i have for it is to be at least as good as 'midnight in paris'. and i really feel it won't disappoint me, the first good sign being my favourite penelope cruz starring in it.

will post my emotions immediately by the end of this week

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