Thursday, December 19, 2013

frames, curtains and cages

i like paintings, but i don't like frames. i like windows, but i don't like curtains. and needless to say, i hate cages.

paintings are so unique, so beautiful and full of so many different colours. they have life in them, they tell stories and live on a piece of canvas. but oh those horrible frames! they are so limited and limiting. frames make the paintings lose their whole beauty. they put those colours and emotions into standarts, when they should be given freedom and space to go out of them and fill in the rooms.

i have the same feeling about curtains. windows open so many beautiful views and backgrounds, be it sea or a set of skyscrapers. but they are closed down with curtains. you say curtains make your life and home private, i say they hide away the space around.

and yes i hate cages. and everything that limits all those wonderful things. and that's how i live. my paintings on the walls have no frames, my windows are never closed with curtains, and cages.. i have never had them and will never let them into my life: physical or mental

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