Friday, December 27, 2013

the new MTV

there were times when i used to live with MTV. i had it on before going to school, during writing homework, when i went to sleep, on weekends. i used to tape all the concerts and favourite video clips. i had the best wyclef jean VH1 storytellers concert, with amazing perfomances of great artists. those were the times when i knew all the new songs and charts and sometimes even voted for songs on tv :)

but at some point of my music taste development my taste stopped and went backwards. it went to jazz, old r'n'b, soul, old pop and even older. and now i realize i have no idea what songs are on charts, i don't have MTV, and hope it still exists, i listen to my own music compilation from my ipod in car, which has more than 5,000 songs in it, i rarely put on the radio and love the songs my friends are giving to me, which are usually the same old music i listen myself.

but occasionally i go shopping. and that is the time when i usually listen to music from the store's speakers. and that is the time when i use shazam. shazam tags all the songs that are popular now, and it became my personal mtv these days. listening to my tags, i think that there are pretty nice songs released these days. i loved all the songs by bruno mars, cee-lo, alicia keys and many many other artists.

sharing with you some of the tunes, which i discovered not long ago, but which you may have already been tired listening to.

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