Friday, December 20, 2013

magical loft

this is the view from my office window. down there is the street full of people and cars. to the left and the right are those beautiful old buildings, but this is the front view and it intrigues me. not the whole building, but just the top grey floor. 

first i thought that it's an unusual office, and somebody may be sitting there and working just like i do totally in the style of Paperman. then i began thinking of this place more like of a place where this guy lives:

then in my mind fantasies it turned into a nice sunny loft, with a beautiful view and even more beautiful interior. probably with only one big room looking something like this from the new coke ad:

those thoughts are always subconscious: every time i look out of the window i come up with the new idea for this place in my mind. honestly speaking, i don't want to go up there and check, i would be so disappointed if it is just a small office without anything magical in there.

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