Monday, December 30, 2013

the last post in 2013

my readers,

this is my last post in 2013. i want to wish you a happy new year with all my heart. i want to wish your next year to be so much better than the previous one. let all the things that worried you go away, and all those things that made you happy, make you even happier. i wish you to forget the resolutions, forget not fulfilling them, i wish 2014 to bring you all the great moments, which you haven't planned, happiness which you didn't expect and million of smiles to brighten each day of the upcoming year.

sharing with you a wonderful commercial of moscow christmas fairs to set you in the holiday spirit if you are not there yet. me and ilia visited all of them virtually with the help of my creative sister and mother, who made our 'fair' passports and will bring them to us once they are back.


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