Tuesday, December 3, 2013

traditionally about christmas

i traditionally start talking about new year in november. i start thinking about new year even earlier. this year, i won't break the tradition and try to set you in a christmas mood. the main mood setter is of course music. the earlier you start listening to christmas songs, the quicker you'll get the festive feel.

the second mood setter is the christmas tree. (for you the first and second places may be vice versa, but for me music is always no.1). set the tree up as soon as you can. mine is ready to light up the whole room for the upcoming month.

then come the smells. decorate your house with tangerines and oranges and place cinnamon barks in each of them. you won't believe what a wonderful smell comes out of those decorations. the instant smell of christmas fills the air. the smell of cinnamon cookies is also something i associate with christmas. bake this month. fill your house with warmth of oven and taste of chocolate cookies.

wear the snowflakes. i personally can wear them only this season. all the sweaters, leggings and gloves with snowflakes, reindeers, santas and elfs - get them out and wear them.

begin christmas shopping. i order my gifts online way earlier than the christmas banners are on. but as soon as i start receiving them, i start to anticipate the day when i can see the reaction of people i'll give them to.

and the last one on my christmas mood list is snow. my mood will be raised by the snow which awaits me in moscow this weekend. though i won't be able to bring it with me to georgia, i saw the forecasts, they promise some snowflakes in tbilisi next week.

and now i'm giving you the first mood setter - nice christmas soundtracks and leaving you to continue the list for yourself. if you have some tips to add to my post, please let me know!

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