Monday, April 14, 2014

let's get away from it all

have you already had that moment this year when you realized the spring has arrived?

that moment for me was on saturday night, when after a corporate party i was heading to the airport to meet b. when frank sinatra began singing let's get away from it all from the loudspeakers, when there were practically no cars and i could drive freely, when the night was so warm that i could put the windows down and enjoy the spring air flying through my hair. suddenly it felt more like spring than walking in the sunniest of days with the sunglasses on.

frank moved to my earphones, when i was sitting in the arrivals hall and looking at the happy faces arriving and meeting each other. i think that no other building, place or venue has so many happy people concentrated on one square meter. airport is probably my most favourite place to sit and watch people hugging, kissing, smiling and being happy.

my traditional 'welcome spring' post finishes like that, leaving you with frank and let's get away from it all

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